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    I'm using MorphOS as my main daily computer, doing pretty much everything with it.

    Here's what I use regularly and have done within the last week, for example:
    - General browsing and YouTube with Wayfarer
    - E-mails with Iris, and still in some degree with SimpleMail
    - Coding Hollywood apps with CubicIDE and FlowStudio
    - Listening MP3:s with Jukebox (no GUI, just the wide screebar module that lets me see/control music playback on all screens)
    - Chatting with AmIRC
    - Watching videos with MPlayer
    - Accessing my home page servers with RNOXfer (other one with FTPS and other SFTP)
    - Graphics editing with RNOEffects, ShowCase, ArtEffect, and PPaint
    - Keeping my photo collection on my MorphOS machine, I connect my camera and phone with a USB cable for transferring files, and then process them with ShowCase (mostly resizing, cropping, sharpening, and straightening the horizon)
    - Reading PDFs with RNOPDF and printing PDFs with VPDF
    - Writing documents to print with Final Writer and RNOPublisher
    - Editing MP3 ID3 tags with RNOTags
    - Checking web cams, weather info, RSS feeds, and timing alarms with RNOWidgets
    - Boiling eggs with EggTimer (yes, really using that for the purpose it was made, and sometimes for other cooking when my wife tells me to time something) :D
    - Calling BBSes with DCTelnet
    - Scanning with SCANdal (had to process lots of old documents lately)

    Things that I do on other machines, but control them from my MorphOS setup (Linux machines aren't even connected to a monitor):
    - Emulating OS4 on a Windows machine to test my programs. I mount the HDF image of OS4 with FileImgCtrl over an SMBFS share, so OS4's partition becomes a drive on MorphOS desktop, easy to copy files then. Then I connect to the PC with RDesktop and run WinUAE there... then I'll have OS4 on a window on MorphOS :)
    - Occasionally doing some other stuff over RDesktop with Windows, listening Spotify or streaming other content that way sometimes
    - I have a dedicated Linux machine for torrents, which I control graphically with RDesktop (XRDP installed on Linux) or by SSH with RemoteShell. I haven't bothered to install Samba there, so I mount its drives with SSH2FS.
    - Then I have a separate Linux based file server, which I access with RemoteShell and SMBFS. I do file handling with Ambient/DOpus over the SMB mount.

    Umm... probably forgot many other things... for games I haven't had time in years, there would be tens of new games for MorphOS since I last tried any, maybe some day :)
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