• Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
    Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
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    Browsing (Wayfarer), E-mailing (Iris), Streaming music (WebRadio), Hollywood/Designer/Cubic IDE/FlowStudio (for offering a tiny help to jPV on Real Amiga SWOS Total Pack), AMIRC (chat), RNO XFER (ftp), Dizzy (torrenting), mp3 Jamming with a Hercules DJ console and Soundbankster, amiga music mods with ANR, remote desktop via VNC and RDesktop, a LOT of gaming (uae) and native MorphOS plus emulation (SCUMMVM/MAME) or regular big ports (OpenBOR paks) some ArtEffect/CandyFactory/ArtStudio Pro, video playback with latest MPlayer and many - many more as I have gathered a collection of 256GB worth of programs/games/docs-audio-video files all related to the Amiga/MorphOS (just ordered a new 480GB SSD to compensate my ongoing need for space btw). TBH apart from an office suite MorphOS has everything else I care for (well that - and apart from running on a beasty x64 ;)).
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