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    That would be perfect. I guess Bigfoot is working on it for 4 years. If he/her is alone on that well wait another 10 years. Many of us will be in another world. But han on..... another 2 weeks? Did Bigfoot ask anybody for help? I mean professional. If not nothing is serious. You cant do everything on your own these world. I wanna be wrong but it doesnt looks good. First Amiga world must be serious about doing stuff than thinking about future. Morphos is fantastic but will shrink soon if Apple machines will go to Neverland in some years. So on. Also AMD ......well have something else..maybe CCComputers Zommodore. Fu***perion Funtimer etc. All my views are for fun but lets think about it. Weve got no choice being fans. Others (M$,Pear) need to compete
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