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    I'm interested to hear what people actually use MorphOS for?

    For me, it's a fun break from my other machines with their operating systems. I usually do the following when I log in:
    - Control the machine via Synergy, it's got no keyboard or mouse connected.
    - AmiIRC to chat to the awesome MorphOS community.
    - WayFarer to check any new news here / check for new software on morphos-storage and general browsing.
    - Iris to check my private Gmail account's mail.
    - imp3 for some old school mods and also chatting to other people.
    - RnoRadio for streaming some banging tunes.
    - Play a game or two when I need some distraction. ( Mostly Tower57 and Quake III )
    - Read the Library here and play with some of the things I learn about this cool operating system.

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