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    Obviously on (my) AmigaOne X5000 serial debug output is set as default.
    Because: If I run LogTool and try to test debug output, nothing happens.

    So, I have read the lines "What boot arguments are there?" in the FAQ, but frankly spoken this did not help me.

    My question: What is the command line for booting MorphOS with Ram Debug output.

    I tried:
    'boot ide:0 boot.img rd'
    response: 'boot - boot default, i.g., run 'bootcmd''

    The only way I get MorphOS booting is:

    Any help is welcome.
    AmigaOne X5000 @ 2GHz / 4GB RAM / Radeon X1650 / AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition / MorphOS 3.17
    Amiga1200 / Blizzard 1230 IV PiStorm32-lite / 128 MB RAM / AmigaOS 3.9
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