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    white wrote: My question is: Are there any other tricks to make Morphos more efficient and optimize it even better?Thanks again.

    I use one program a lot, via WBStartup - Clip History v2.4 from Aminet, even though it's an Amiga 68k program from 1997, that runs very nice and stably under MorphOS, in conjunction with SmartClipboard Screenbar v1.3 by Thomas Igracki so I can cut copy paste from many pages, documents and paste whichever text item I want from whichever program I'm using and paste it into another document/file or program, search field of the web-browser either via OpenURL or just pasting the text into any program's GUI text fields. 8-D

    There are many options with both of those programs, which I find invaluable just about every day. :-)

    Additionally implementing the Screenbar modules has also been a really great innovation and extremely handy to have on each screen, be that for memory, yWeather, network, HDD, date/calendar, MagicBeacon, WebRadio, Jukebox, Settings/Prefs, etc.. 8-)

    I have also modified the "screen to back" swap key in System Settings>IControl>Screen: To Back from whatever it was by default (I think it was LCmd+m/M) to LCmd+x/X as those keys are so close together and "x" is easy to remember for "eX-change" screen which I used to use even on my older Amiga setup, and I just don't know why it wasn't implemented as the default screen to back trigger key(s).

    I have also setup a "Hotkey" to allow me to create a directory with a combined keypress when in a directory so I don't have to use the mouse all the time.

    That's because RCmd+n/N is designated on MorphOS to open/generate a NewShell - yet in open requesters that keyboard shortcut command creates a "New Directory" - as seems logical, and was the default in Amiga OS 3.x - which makes this one menu keyboard command defy the generally sound logic of MorphOS' system menus and keyboard shortcuts. :-?

    So, as the logic that is in the requesters is NOT implemented in the usual screen menu keyboard command options, and thankfully with the availability with MorphOS's adaptibility with such options, I have added in Ambient Settings>Keyboard>Add-a-HotKey button. This is implemented by clicking on that "Add a Hotkey" button and then adding into the left-hand text input window "New Directory/Folder/Drawer" and the right hand text input window "lcommand d" -> using the keypress sample gadget on the far right of that new input option, and then "Save" that change to the Ambient Settings.

    I may have added or changed other settings in MorphOS that are not worthy of mention at this stage, but if I think of anything relevant I will add them here or in the MorphOS Library - if sufficient users deem them to be worthy of doing so as they are beneficial to a lot more users. These are options I have chosen for my own purposes, but hope other users will benefit from making any such changes to make their use of MorphOS more enjoyable and efficient. 8-D
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