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    I am happy with Morphos and for how it is structured and for the programs it offers I approached Morphos with a simple 1.67 powerbook for normal use it is very good it does everything I wanted.
    I imagine it with a fast processor but I fear that for the x64 there is a lot to wait.
    I don't mean to be argumentative but houses of some importance instead of releasing emulated amigas that make no sense except for the nostalgic of games should give Morphos much more importance.

    But it is clear that games still reign supreme in these projects.

    Morphos deserves a lot of support from the houses that still follow amiga.

    It is clear that Morphos is a successful project but not fully supported
    It must also be said that many times those in the control room understand very little about it.
    So there is not much to be expected from them.
    Whereas Morphos is a clear example of a concrete project that embodies what was amiga.
    And one would only expect continuous system improvements if supported by major parent companies.

    But let me add again that Morphos does everything I wanted from an NG system.

    a faster processor would be nice though :-)
    because the system does everything I wanted.

    Hey I have in my hands the most beautiful amiga that ever existed :-)
    And unfortunately I don't have much time to study it thoroughly to make it even more efficient and customize it as I would like.

    Congratulations again to everyone.
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