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    NewSense wrote:

    white wrote: I'm talking about opening windows and a greater ability to perform multiple (program processes) simultaneously.

    Do you know about or have active already the option of having copied/pasted the "Advanced.conf,default" file from (System:MorphOS/Ambient/prefs) also referred to as MOSSYS:Ambient/prefs/ and copying it into the Sys:Prefs/Ambient, and removing the ";" (semicolon) to activate the line "donotputrefwindowtosleep = true" so that you get MorphOS to continue to allow more actions to be initiated from within the window you already started a copying/moving files from or other action from, so you can multi-task the system more efficiently? 8-)

    Thanks for this NewSense.

    In the 18 months I've been back using MorphOS I've always found it strange that the system locks up so much when you start copying stuff. It just didn't feel very "Amiga like" to me.
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