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    Right now I'm really confused about game controllers under MorphOS.

    I bought a wired X-Box compatible controller at Christmas which works great with games like Tower 57 but I can't for the life of me get it to work on E-UAE or anything that appears to need the lowlevel library for control.

    I have now bought a wireless X-Box controller from the MorphOS Store (excellent service by the way!) which Papiosaur has confirmed will work with the E-UAE and other lowlevel usages and I can't get it to work on either my G5 or MacMini.

    I believe the issue is that both controllers are showing up as using the X360.class within Poseidon rather than hid.class but I have no idea on how to change this. When I try to force the binding it doesn't work.

    Therefore any help would be much appreciated.
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