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    You could of course also add another router behind the main one, and make sure all your connections go through it.

    Ah! That's a great idea. I could IP bar my devices on the main one - and only connect to the second one, with the whitelisted sites. And get rid of all ethernet cables. Will give this some serious thought.


    At least you have the self-awareness to try to do something about it. I suspect many have that issue without admitting it is a problem.

    Yes, I suppose so. I sometimes think I might be a bit ahead of the curve on internet addiction, having been in it from my Amiga 1200 days in the mid-nineties - and as time goes on a lot more people will realise there are dangers. And I'm lucky to know how pre-internet life used to be - that it's even possible!

    Thanks for the help and advice.
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