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    Some progress...

    I've worked out (with a little help from a website or two) how to whitelist and blacklist sites just with the hosts file (whitelist with actual IP / domain name; blacklist with / top level domain). I've found a long list of top level domains which I've copied into hosts (SYS:Prefs/Env-Archive/sys/net/hosts/) - each point to and the TLD as e.g. .COM

    Here's a snippet: .ac .academy .accenture .accountant .accountants

    This all looks present and correct in Hosts under Settings too.

    I've whitelisted a couple of sites too, PINGing them to get their IP.


    Only problem is - doesn't seem to make any difference in OWB. All the sites are loading happily as normal. Tried resetting etc. Also tried instead of Hmmm. What am I doing wrong?
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