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    With all the good work going on with Wayfarer, it seems somewhat churlish to be asking for help on this.

    But - as a long-term internet user (25+ years) I've managed to build up my web/internet addiction to pretty debilitating levels. I've had some success with living in places without internet - this has been wonderful and I start to feel like i'm getting my life/brain back. No smart phones too, of course.

    BUT - currently - it would be good to use the web for a few sites, on an occassional basis. White-listing sites might be a big ask - at least in a way that isn't easily circumventable. But black-listing sites seems easier as we can use the hosts file from Settings to do just that. Of course, with that alone it wouldn't be long before I just go in, delete the host list and numb out on a 48-hour Youtube binge.

    So, is there a way to password lock settings? I could create a long random password - print it out - lock it away somewhere - make it hard to access - and force myself to keep the hosts file. My cursory explorations suggest this can't be done, although I wondered if the multi-user functionality might provide a way? Or is there any other way this might be done? The dream would be insurmountable whitelisting.

    Any help appreciated!


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