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    jPV wrote:
    But that said, there are still few 68k programs that are important to me and would be a shame to lose them...

    Can't we just emulate them? I mean something like WHDLOpener integrated to the OS would answer many backward compatibility concerns.

    In that kind of solution the emulated environment is isolated from the actual operating system. It can be fine for games that don't have to interact with the operating system, but for productivity applications it would be clumsy at best.

    From the programs I listed, Magellan2 should have access all locations in the filesystem, should work when you drag&drop files between Ambient, Shell, etc, should be able to install global hotkeys, etc, etc which just wouldn't work when isolated into emulation. I use CubicIDE to develop MorphOS programs, so it wouldn'be able to run and compile everything under emulated environment. AmiSSL and other libraries and commands are to enhance MorphOS, they would be useless in an emulation box. Some paint programs or maybe even word processors could be a bit better experience, but still they would be limited by filesystem access, ARexx ports, they couldn't take advantage of MorphOS native system components like they do now... also clipboard sharing and stuff like that would get harder... programs would also be non consistent because GUI elements and MUI versions etc would be different on 68k emulation box. It'd just be a no-go for me and I'd have to find solutions to replace my needs by other programs and make compromises...
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