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    jPV wrote:
    But that said, there are still few 68k programs that are important to me and would be a shame to lose them...

    Can't we just emulate them? I mean something like WHDLOpener integrated to the OS would answer many backward compatibility concerns.

    I agree on focusing on a specific hardware, rather than trying to implement wide range of drivers (it is even against the whole idea). There can be even specific, pre-built boxes.

    In this way, MorphOS can become a very serious and modern option for those people who buy stuff like a Pi400 or an FPGA just to receive the "Amiga feeling". And let's not forget, those boxes are just light-speed fast hardware that run dead-old software for nostalgia.

    I'm just a regular user though, there might be a specific benefit that I might be missing.

    "Nostalgia is a seductive liar." -George Ball
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