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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > I'd say I haven't use much (any?) 68k since […]

    Completely going without is difficult because of ARexx.

    Or maybe not... I think we can do it without 68k rexxsyslib.library too. You can send ARexx commands to programs without the 68k library by the RXCmd command already, and ARexx scripts can be replaced with Lua scripts (I've converted many of my old ARexx scripts to Lua).

    Also old complicated ARexx scripts you may have are usually for old 68k programs that would stop working in any case :) So ARexx doesn't matter that much anyway...

    But that said, there are still few 68k programs that are important to me and would be a shame to lose them... for example Magellan2 (new native open source versions are too buggy to be usable), ArtEffect, FXPaint, PPaint (I don't know if anyone will ever finish the MorphOS version), CubicIDE, AmiSSL, DCTelnet, FinalWriter, PageStream, and some other programs that I use time to time... and some shell commands and libraries too. And few games and demos...

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