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    > AMD64 is look much better today than Apple Intel hardware.

    Apple Intel hardware is AMD64 ISA :-)

    > MorphOS cannot utilize the power that AMD offers. Simply - what
    > to do with MorphOS on Ryzen with modern gfx?

    The same that is being done with MorphOS on old G5 and old Radeon graphics, which MorphOS can even less utilize the power of (SMP, 64-bit, UVD etc.). MorphOS on AMD64/x64 is supposed to be 64-bit and support SMP, at least.

    > For me in every usecase is better linux or Windows.
    > What MorphOS can offer for current AMD linux/win user?

    Of course, there is objectively nothing that can be done better on MorphOS compared to Linux/Windows. That's not the point of it anyway. MorphOS isn't meant for the average Linux/Windows user, but for users who want to have fun doing computing an Amiga-ish way. Therefore, it's mostly a subjective and emotional matter. MorphOS doesn't get more usable just because it runs on less capable hardware.
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