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    > they get cheaper over time

    Yes, and significantly at that.

    > then their value follow a bell curve up, when they getting
    > sparse and therefore become collectible. Heck, there a
    > still PPC macs sold for up to several 100$.

    At least on eBay Germany, G5 PowerMacs that were introduced at a basic price of 2000…3300 USD/EUR (depending on model) in 2005 have been going for 134 EUR on average during the last 3 months and have been going for about that average price for some years. I bought 2 of them for 6% of their introductory basic price. The 'bell curve up' for these models has yet to start it seems.

    > Intel Mac minis reach 500$ for a corei7 from 2012.

    On eBay Germany, for the 54 machines of this exact type (introductory basic price: 800…1100 USD / 830…1130 EUR, depending on model) that were successfully sold during the last 3 months, the price distribution is as follows:

    001…100 EUR: 1
    101…200 EUR: 2
    201…300 EUR: 21
    301…400 EUR: 21
    401…475 EUR: 9

    500 USD would be about 410 EUR currently, so with 15% of the machines selling higher and 85% of the machines selling lower, that's way above the average price here in Germany at least.
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