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    discreetfx wrote:
    Now that Apple is actively kicking all of the Intel Mac hardware to the dustbin I think it would be a no brainer for the x86 version of MorphOS to support that hardware that gets cheaper by the day. Just my opinion as a developer. I’m hopeful that the x86 version of MorphOS comes out sooner rather than later. Hopefully the global pandemic allowed more coding time for MorphOS 4.0 but of course I don’t know that.

    Moving from one deadend Apple ISA/platform to another deadend Apple platform? No thanks, I'm hoping the developers center around something that's available new.
    Like a current AMD based system.
    AMD over Intel for performance (with some APUs featuring reasonably good onboard graphics).
    Although, without anything other than a driver port, we could have 2D, 3D, and overlay support with an X1950 graphics card.
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