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    I'm afraid, it won't work anyway with MOS-board-tools. I tried this many times on my EFIKA (but same behaviour also on G4 or G5):
    CDs (Data, Musik) recogniced on USB-CDPlayers/Rec (tracks can be seen) but only data can be read. Not possible to play a MusicCD with any player. Also not possible todo any interaction with the player (eject, load,....).
    (No need to say that all that things works on a real A3000 under Poseidon-USB (Subway)).

    I'm quite sure, I did that sometimes in the past (on EFIKA). As I can remember, I used a 3rd-party CD-filesystem and mounted it sepperately......... It's a long time ago - search for different older Amiga-CD-Filesystems...
    (Or may be the reason was the useing of a very early version of MOS in the past.....I don't know....)
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