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    There is small hole in front. But it not resolve the problem. If I put slot-loading drive to case, the hole is unreacheble. I can drill hole to the case, but I don't want remove DVD every time with pin. But it is minor thing.

    MorphOs recognized DVDs very well and disk drive is OK. Just now I am looking on AmigaReview ;-) DVD. And USB stack recognized it correctly: asmedia, ASM1053. And drive is OK for sure, with windows works both eject and play audio CDs.

    I think the problem is, that MorphOs cannot parse EJECT command through USB stack.
    Screenbar-eject succesfully dismouts CD0: from system, but also cannot parse eject command through USB to DVD drive.
    And howto use shell eject command? The device must be specified here.

    Please see this example:
    Powermac Quad with CD0 conected via USB and CD1 conected via internal IDE DVD drive.
    CD0: (see ScoutNG on top) USBPowermac2dvd.jpg- appears under hub.class and masstorage.class tasks
    there is also usbhw and pciusb.device tasks belonging to USB stack.
    CD1: (ScoutNG on bottom half) - appears under 2nd.ide.device

    It is easy to ejest CD1 in shell by "eject 2nd.ide.device 0" but how to eject CD0:?

    And I think the same problem is with CDDA players. Which device to specify for USB drive to play audio DVDs?

    Please, is there somebody with external USB-DVD drive? Please can you check how you play audio CDs and how to eject with shell command?
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