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    >>> virtual 1GP https://www.vesalia.de/e_virtualgp.htm

    >> Not available.

    > Found it at abandonware [...]

    I hope you don't suggest what I think you may suggest here :-)

    >>> Software Tycoon
    >>> https://www.amiga-shop.net/en/Amiga-Software/Amiga-Games/Software-Tycoon::309.html

    >> Not available.

    > Alinea claims to have Software Tycoon too

    No, as I said in comment #24, they do not.

    > Vesalia has 3 units of Feeble left
    > https://www.vesalia.de/e_feeblefiles.htm

    Seems to be the Mac version. Does it contain m68k/PPC Amiga executables as well?

    > Warp3D apps and games that are known to work

    Fine, as long as the buyer is made aware beforehand that these require a Voodoo or Radeon R1xx/R2xx series GPU. Alternatively, these titles must have been successfully tested with Wazp3D.
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