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    > Octamed [...]
    > Flying High

    These do not run on MorphOS.

    > Software Tycoon
    > https://www.amiga-shop.net/en/Amiga-Software/Amiga-Games/Software-Tycoon::309.html
    > Feeble Flies
    > https://www.amiga-shop.net/en/Amiga-Software/Amiga-Games/The-Feeble-Files::283.html

    Not available.

    > virtual 1GP https://www.vesalia.de/e_virtualgp.htm

    Not available. Does it run on MorphOS?

    > Foundation DC https://www.vesalia.de/e_foundationdc.htm

    Not available.

    > Voxel Noid http://cherry-darling.net/voxelnoid/index.html
    > Voxel bird http://cherry-darling.net/voxelbird/index.html

    These are free online downloads. Why sell them?

    > DEsert Racing of Barbados has MOS version

    That's the m68k RTG version of Desert Racing of BarDos that happens to run on MorphOS (and OS4).

    > Amiganet.pl had nice selection of MorphOS books,
    > but they have changed website

    Now there, including the books: https://www.retroguide.pl

    > I hope you are in Europe :)

    Isn't this obvious?

    Edit: changed URL from bitronic.pl to retroguide.pl

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