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    Papiosaur wrote:
    Hi all,

    this is the webstore under construction:


    Normally, it will be open at the end of the month :-)

    Don't hesitate to do suggestions.

    Thanks to BeWorld for this help for this new project !

    Its great :)

    Suggestion its to include if possible titles that have MOS versions
    HAL lists couple of games

    even those m68k apps like e.g. Personal Paint, Amiga Writter that do work out of box.

    Surely, quite hard job with stocking titles that are made by mostly defunct companies, but Vesalia
    did a good job there. If not possible directly, maybe linking with Vesalia on selling their titles with small commission.

    Idea is to have central shop for titles that do work out of box, or at worse with little tweaks explained.
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