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    NewSense wrote:
    If you supplied the CD label both with and without the version number, and year (2021 removed - as 1999 will always apply) on it then anyone could just use it for now, and when a new version comes out, and/or dates change then modify it as required, as MorphOS is updated.

    Just a suggestion or few, if that's OK. :-D

    Yeah sure, I'll take that on board. By the way, I only print CDs directly on my printer, I've got the Epson 1430 which prints directly on the CD surface, this way you don't glue anything on a CD. I can't even apply a floppy label straight.

    I'll think about CD or DVD covers. Unfortunately for the next month or so I'll be tied up running Azure webinars, so I may have to come back to it later.
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