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    If you supplied the CD label both with and without the version number, and year (2021 removed - as 1999 will always apply) on it then anyone could just use it for now, and when a new version comes out, and/or dates change then modify it as required, as MorphOS is updated.

    You may even want to do later versions yourself, which would be nice, as long as you're still a MorphOS user, which seems likely with your hardware profile, with no need for anyone here to become a member at DeviantArt to download the PSD file.

    The rest of the label could remain the same, as most users will be able to add on the "version number" change to year released, with a graphic/DTP package of somekind, such as, Sketch, RNOPublisher, Folio being just a few ideas of how to add on the version number, and release date to the main CD image you've supplied.

    If you want to do more then a CD case inlay front and back sheet to keep such a CD in would be really nice, and would be something I would definitely use.

    I should also mention that, as a word of caution to all, sometimes printing/attaching a label to a CD seems to have an adverse effect on some available CD-R/RWs, as the adhesive that is used, the glue on the disc label, seems to affect/deteriorate the plastic of the CD after a period of time/over the years.

    I have had a few CDs, such as Image FX v4.5, ProPage v4 go faulty which I can only put down to the glue/adhesive on the back of the label affecting them, making the CD go brittle as well. The ImageFX CD was a TDK brand which is generally regarded as a good media brand, and I have had 2 of those fail, so making a backup copy of my original Image FX CD, when I first bought it, turned out to be a good idea it seems.

    Just a suggestion or few, if that's OK. :-D
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