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    mac6six wrote:
    I've made a rather simple CD label for 3.15 and included the PSD file so that you can bump up the version numbers. This is my first ago after a long break from Photoshop, it's not exactly my best work, I'll have something much better available soonish. It should be 600 DPI, the dimensions should be correct for most printable CDs.

    Download - https://www.deviantart.com/macsix/art/MorphOS-3-CD-label-871059522

    (the download link is underneath the transparent PNG)



    Nice work, but is there a way that I can download it without having to setup a DeviantArt account?

    Did you give anyone else permission to host the image file? Edit: I see that you said "sure" to Papiosaur, so hopefully he will have it hosted soon.

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