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    >> QEMU already emulates well other Linux-supported PPC32 hardware,
    >> among them also other G4-based hardware (like PowerMac3,1/mac99).
    >> [...] Furthermore, bug hunting of Linux software doesn't require QEMU
    >> system emulation as QEMU user-mode emulation is to be preferred for this.

    > Not regular software bugs yes, but Linux kernel bugs.

    As said, that's what long-existing PowerMac3,1/mac99 emulation or other PPC32 system emulations are perfectly fine for.

    > meanwhile several devs stood up for the Peg2
    > so it is safe to stay for the time being.

    Yes, Arnd Bergmann's summary for "powerpc/chrp (32-bit rs6000, pegasos2)" and others:

    "a couple of users replied, but no architecture maintainer added any information, so I won't take any action."
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