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    Andreas_Wolf schrieb:
    [...] Furthermore, bug hunting of Linux software doesn't require QEMU system emulation as QEMU user-mode emulation is to be preferred for this.

    Bottom line: I'm still not convinced regarding the correlation between QEMU's Pegasos II emulation and the (non-)ability of the Pegasos II (emulation) to run Linux.

    Not regular software bugs yes, but Linux kernel bugs.

    Didn't want to convince you. ;-) Anyway, meanwhile several devs stood up for the Peg2 so it is safe to stay for the time being.


    I'm not aware of Linux capability being a prerequisite for a machine to be allowed in QEMU. Zoltan always recommends the most recent MorphOS ISO image for testing the emulation anyway :-)

    Ah, didn't knew that. Nice! :-D
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