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    >> The supporters are already starting to line up :-)

    > no one lined up for the AOne or the Peg2 yet [...]. [...]
    > some people will probably miss the AOne or Peg2. ;-)

    Maybe you should have clicked my link to encounter one of them. Here's another supporter.

    > A good use of such QEMU-emulated machines is for bisecting/working
    > on bugs on specific archs. Not every maintainer of some software has
    > ppc [...] hardware lying around to test his stuff on, but he can use QEMU.

    I doubt Pegasos II emulation is needed for this purpose as QEMU already emulates well other Linux-supported PPC32 hardware, among them also other G4-based hardware (like PowerMac3,1/mac99). Zoltan Balaton has been making no secret of his motivation to create a Pegasos II emulation, and it's not Linux-related. Furthermore, bug hunting of Linux software doesn't require QEMU system emulation as QEMU user-mode emulation is to be preferred for this.
    Bottom line: I'm still not convinced regarding the correlation between QEMU's Pegasos II emulation and the (non-)ability of the Pegasos II (emulation) to run Linux.

    > The question is how much longer the Peg2 'hardware' will stay in
    > QEMU when there is no Linux kernel for the Peg2 to boot? I dunno.
    > Are there existing conventions for that case?

    I'm not aware of Linux capability being a prerequisite for a machine to be allowed in QEMU. Zoltan always recommends the most recent MorphOS ISO image for testing the emulation anyway :-)
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