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    Andreas_Wolf schrieb:
    THE kernel? Ah, fortunately just the Linux kernel, not the MorphOS/PPC kernel (Quark) ;-)

    True. ;-)


    As I read it, this means that support will stay in for the time being unless the maintainer (who?) wants it removed. The supporters are already starting to line up :-)

    True. But no one lined up for the AOne or the Peg2 yet, only for some of the ARM boards and for the Alpha.

    My guess is that this 'deprecation request' will be made again in some time, annually (?) perhaps. PPC Maintainer btw is Michael Ellerman. Most probably all CCed people in the 1st post are arch maintainers. Recently PowerPC 601 support got thrown out, which I don't miss - but some people will probably miss the AOne or Peg2. ;-)


    Overall, I don't think that the future (non-)ability to run a then-current Linux on QEMU-emulated/virtualized Pegasos II has a relevance. Why emulate/virtualize a Pegasos II in QEMU to run Linux on it when QEMU is already running on Linux on the host?

    A good use of such QEMU-emulated machines is for bisecting/working on bugs on specific archs. Not every maintainer of some software has ppc/ppc64/arm/aarch64/mips/etc. hardware lying around to test his stuff on, but he can use QEMU.

    This has been quite handy for some Linux bugs I reported on ppc/ppc64. The devs often use ppc64 workstations in Little Endian mode and may not be able to reproduce many bugs which happen on my PowerMac G4. Most certainly not when it's about (Linux) kernel bugs.

    The question is how much longer the Peg2 'hardware' will stay in QEMU when there is no Linux kernel for the Peg2 to boot? I dunno. Are there existing conventions for that case?
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