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    > the kernel may loose Pegasos II support

    THE kernel? Ah, fortunately just the Linux kernel, not the MorphOS/PPC kernel (Quark) ;-)

    > klick

    I read this a little differently:

    "Some of these look like they are no longer actively maintained or used, but I'm not doing anything about those unless the maintainers would like me to: [...]
    * powerpc/chrp (32-bit rs6000, pegasos2): last updated in 2009

    As I read it, this means that support will stay in for the time being unless the maintainer (who?) wants it removed. The supporters are already starting to line up :-)
    Overall, I don't think that the future (non-)ability to run a then-current Linux on QEMU-emulated/virtualized Pegasos II has a relevance. Why emulate/virtualize a Pegasos II in QEMU to run Linux on it when QEMU is already running on Linux on the host?
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