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    > It depends on emulated gfx card so no support for amigalike systems. Such release will be more important for AmigaOS4.x users as they will finally be able to run OS4 on PowermacG5s with full cpu speed.

    I do not know the details well, but do you mean there will be no QEMU emulator dropdowns in speed even if it will use the host's CPU? I mean, it still will be slower than native IMHO. Besides, it probably lucks audio driver and RadeonR92xx driver (with all compositing things working) and that probably will be never implemented or well-tested in an acceptable time? Or there already some audio/video drivers support being done?

    EDIT: I read that KVM can run a guest OS at 95-98% of the host’s native performance, so if that indeed true, and pegasos2 emulation can bring the same kind of speed on some latest G5 Macs, then it's about time to buy some latest G5 to have botch MOS and OS4 on it.. Through QEMU should be run from something, so it will mean MacOS probably necessary too.

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