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    I subscribed Qemu dev ML some time ago to follow at best any improvement about emulation/virtualization of amiga hardware via software.
    In latest days seems Balaton Zoltan, major contributor for "Amigalike" support in Qemu, is ready to release a new virtual board.
    So after the Sam460ex will be released finally another Amiga board -> Pegasos II Qemu virtual board.
    Looking inside proposed patches you can see its capability to already boot correctly in MorphOS.
    So in a next time we will have a double choice to run AmigaNG systems: Sam460ex and Pegasos II.
    And both supports MorphOS :-)

    So.. I'd like to ask MOS Team if there is interest in this kind of solutions and, more in general, what they think about this kind of projects.
    I have read some developer uses already qemu for debugging purposes (via mac emulation I suppose).
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