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    >> My pie-in-the-sky would be a single-GPU solution to be able
    >> to run, maximally, MorphOS and AOS4.1FE on my X5000
    >> without sacrificing any performance or anything on either side.

    > Without MorphOS capable hardware being able to utilise the
    > GFX cards that Amiga OS4.1FE can use then I don't see the
    > MorphOS Dev. Team spending much time on this topic for
    > hardware that was originally only intended for Amiga OS4.x use.

    The A-Eon CyrusPlus/X5000 and the ACube Sam460 are MorphOS-capable hardware and are, of course, able to utilise the graphics cards that OS4 can use. I don't see how the fact that both were originally intended for OS4 use has any bearing on this. If supported by MorphOS, GCN1 or GCN4 cards as supported by OS4 (via A-Eon's drivers) would probably even be usable in PCIe-based G5 PowerMacs.
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