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    Paladin of the Pegasos
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    - a real useable office-package like Open Office (ok, that's more a dream.....)
    - modern Email-client and Browser seems to come true 2021 with Iris and Wayfarer
    - a workaround for Poseidon to be stable and do not crash stick when copying many small files
    - a workaround for ICE-FS to be more stable

    Something selfish:
    - Support of RS232 and 2nd-IDE-Channel on EFIKA
    - developement to 64Bit-MOS useing both CPUs on G5
    - a roadmap to switch to more modern and cheaper new hardware in the next few years
    Peg2, 3xPowerMac G5, 2xPowerbookG4, 2x MacMiniG4, Efika (again), A3000T and life is never boring.....
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