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    NewSense wrote:The only way for many tower cased Apple hardware systems that are MorphOS capable to implement PCI-e GFX capabilities similar to the X5000 would be to implement the capability of a PCI to PCIe, adapter,......


    Kronos wrote: Sounds like a solution in search for a problem.....
    More PCIe-cards will be supported if/when:
    - Frank is bored
    - MorphOS-AMD takes off

    Which was the point I was trying to make, but is possible to implement in older systems that only have PCI slots, not that I'm expecting this to be adopted, but ACube have just implemented this for Sam440ep-Flex OS4.1FE systems to allow for later PCI-e cards as PCI GFX cards are now becoming so hard to source as new or working replacements, which may become the situation for systems we use, such as the BlizzardPPC/Mediator PCI slots that use a Radeon based PCI card. I know my PowerMac G5 has a 66MHz PCI slot that I can use for Radeon PCI GFX cards and I did try a 9200 based card in that when I first got it working, but it now has an Apple 9600 PCI-X GFX card in it which works faster and has more GFX RAM than the 9200 based card I initially tried.
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