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    esc wrote: My pie-in-the-sky would be a single-GPU solution to be able to run, maximally, MorphOS and AOS4.1FE on my X5000 without sacrificing any performance or anything on either side.

    The only way for many tower cased Apple hardware systems that are MorphOS capable to implement PCI-e GFX capabilities similar to the X5000 would be to implement the capability of a PCI to PCIe, adapter, the one shown is made by Startech but if there are any other similar products then of course those too, for GFX card or for other PCIe card use, and use a low-profile more modern PCI-e GFX card with it, though bandwidth might be a problem for a standard PCI slot, even if it's a 66MHz slot.

    Without MorphOS capable hardware being able to utilise the GFX cards that Amiga OS4.1FE can use then I don't see the MorphOS Dev. Team spending much time on this topic for hardware that was originally only intended for Amiga OS4.x use.
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