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    amigadave wrote:
    I haven't properly displayed MorphOS at an AmiWest show for a few years now (well, some people may say that I've never REALLY shown MorphOS properly at any AmiWest Show, but at least I have tried to do so a few years in the past).

    Tried looking at You Tube MOS videos, they arent either quality enough or modern enough (showing 3.15).

    Cant help since I am no US citizen, but in re-thinking the presentation I would go with

    a) Displaying it has Live CD, its fast to install and supports quite a lot PPC hardware incl. SAM460 and X5000 (beyond most of G4 and G5 ATI Macs). Explaining its based on modern incarnations of last and best in Amiga World (MUI, USB stack, AHI ...) and first to go native PPC.

    b) Displaying good package of bundled apps, which is unparalleled in AOS world

    c) Showing layer that is brought by Crysalis pack - like Wayfarer, Iris, Dock, menu options to launch apps. Showing Wayfarer vs Safari on MacOS X as display of capable and faster browser on same hardware or vs Odyssey MOS-OS4/paid Ibrowse 2.5. Explaining its most capable AOS world browser where Google Maps, Google Docs and many modern website do work

    d) Displaying some MOS native 3rd party games and apps to show it has some eco-system

    5 minutes each section. Having such video on You Tube, and as High Quality offline video on PC and MOS machine.
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