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    Yes, I informed the organizers that I am planning to rent a display table at AmiWest during Oct. of 2021, so if anyone has any videos of MorphOS running demos, or games, or demonstrating any productivity software, I can play those videos on my Window laptop, sitting next to which ever MorphOS systems I decide to take to the show with me. Having some MorphOS videos ready for the show will also ensure that something is presented during this AmiWest Show, in case for any reason I have to cancel going to the show in person. So, if anyone wants to suggest any videos for me to play during the show, or has videos they want to send to me, let me know. Hopefully it will be safe enough for me to go to Sacramento for this year's AmiWest Show. I haven't properly displayed MorphOS at an AmiWest show for a few years now (well, some people may say that I've never REALLY shown MorphOS properly at any AmiWest Show, but at least I have tried to do so a few years in the past). I'm always looking for help and any ideas for what to demonstrate during my MorphOS display at the show. I do not plan on doing an official presentation, but would be open to helping someone else, if some user wants to show up at AmiWest, and needs help preparing a presentation.
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