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    Piru wrote:

    You could share the VNC client, as described by Cool_amigaN. It would look like shit though: First you'd have lag and slowness from the VNC, then from Zoom and finally from streaming the Zoom client.

    Thanks to everyone for your informative answers. Not exactly what I was hoping for, and I doubt that I, or anyone else will have time to create a new video of MorphOS before it is needed, but perhaps I can recommend an already finished video presentation that has been made, for the AmiWest broadcaster to use simply by playing it back on his PC, and afterwards, have a Q&A session with any of the experienced users, or developers who are available to participate in a Zoom video chat, or if that is inconvenient, a simple text chat?

    Surely there must be a few videos out in the wild that show MorphOS3.14 running, and Wayfarer browsing the Internet? A discussion about the changes made between MorphOS3.13 and 3.14 might be interesting to some users, since those changes were needed to allow Wayfarer to work on MorphOS, and many AmigaOS4 users will ask why Wayfarer can't be ported to the OS they prefer.

    Pointing out the improvements that are constantly being added to MorphOS is (IMHO) the best way to create interest in MorphOS within the larger Amiga community, without any bashing being done, which always does more harm than good.

    Are any of you interested in participating in the AmiWest presentation by simply doing a short description of MorphOS3.14 improvements, and answering some questions after the AmiWest broadcaster plays one or two videos of MorphOS3.14 running?
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