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    Hi everyone,

    The broadcaster for the events at the 2020 AmiWest Show is requesting a 15 to 30 minute live (via a Zoom call) presentation of MorphOS3.14 and the new Wayfarer web browser. I have already asked jadacaps if he could do it, but he is not available. Are there any of you who would be interested in doing such a presentation and Q&A session this Saturday afternoon (Pacific Time)?

    Bill says that he can be flexible regarding the exact time, but it would need to be some time between 2pm and 5pm (1400 and 1700) Pacific Time on October 24th. It will be conducted via a Zoom call, and he also suggested that a remote desktop could be incorporated, to display the MorphOS Amibient desktop, instead of streaming a video of MorphOS running, but I am still not exactly clear on the details of how it will be done.

    I can try to do it myself, but it will be difficult for me to prepare in time, as I have been away from home for several days, and don't even have a MorphOS system set up in my house at this point in time. For this reason and others, I am hoping I can get one of the members here to step up and do the presentation via the Zoom call, even though I know it is a last minute request.

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