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    I had a similar issue on my g5/1,8GHz with MaxtorHD. This HD is too slow for MOS to be rcognized after booting kernel.
    (remember: Kernel will be booted from boot-partition by open firmware - not MOS!)

    If you boot via boot-loader-script, you may add the ED=init - command to slow down kernel a bit:

    for example.: boot hd:,\boot.img ramdebug BD=SYS_OS ED=INIT
    in that example boot-partition (HFS-filesystem) has to be first partition and name for MOS-bootpartition is SYS_OS: (or whatever you named it).
    You can try booting by typing it directly in OpenFirmware-Console - if HD is recognized - voila!

    If you boot by built in MAC-bootloader (tbxi-file) you may change following line in bootinfo.txt

    boot &device;:&partition;,\boot.img ramdebug
    boot &device;:&partition;,\boot.img ramdebug ed=init

    Don't forget to "bless" that file after saving. (shell: HFSSetMacboot bootinfo.txt)

    Or you can change HD.
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