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    I agree with amigadave in theory, but in practise it might make sense to settle in a compromise, where some of the plugins could be placed in the Chrysalis pack. But in any case, I wouldn't dump all the found plugins in the distribution without consideration either.

    I prefer making stand-alone Hollywood programs myself, because you can include the required plugins in the program distribution either by linking them into executable or just placing them in the program directory as separate files (which I do, because users can then modify them later too).

    If the author provides the plugins in either of those ways, they aren't needed to be available globally in LIBS:Hollywood/. The expense is, as amigadave pointed out, that it consumes a bit more HD space, because you could have several Hollywood programs, which are using the same plugins. But otherwise it's more failproof method, because programs have the plugins they need in tested versions. And does it really matter with today's HD sizes? One copy of the MUI Royale plugin is something like 300-400 kB, for example.

    But then some programmers have released their software without providing the required plugins or installers, and in these cases it should be thought if Chrysalis pack should provide these globally in the LIBS: or copy the required plugins separately into each programs' dirs. If Chrysalis contains these kinds of programs?

    The problem with placing all possible plugins into LIBS: is that every Hollywood program loads them all when executed unless it's explicitly denied in the program startup options (I include a tooltype for this in my programs, but not everyone does that). This makes programs use more memory than they really would need, and I think that this is bigger expence than wasting the HD space by providing the needed plugins in the program distribution. The default behaviour with this is going to change in the next Hollywood version, but will still apply with all executables compiled with earlier versions.

    I, as a Hollywood coder, keep only the plugins I need for my projects in LIBS:, because it's quite necessary when testing and compiling. Otherwise, from user point of view, I keep LIBS: clean of Hollywood plugins, because of the previous reason.

    So, I wouldn't just dump all the existing plugins globally into Chrysalis, but maybe only those that are actually needed by the programs Chrysalis comes with.. for the programs that don't provide them for themselves. Or just put the most common and important plugins only (MUI Royale, RapaGUI), but leave more exotic or huge ones out. And definitely leave that RebelSDL out and let coders decide themselves which one they use/bundle.
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