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    >>> I don't think you should add any plug-in's for Hollywood,
    >>> as it is a commercial program, and not everyone installing
    >>> the Chrysalis Pack will have purchased it.

    >> https://www.hollywood-mal.com/download.html
    >> The philosophy of Hollywood has always been that purchasing
    >> it isn't required to run Hollywood programs but to create them.

    > Yes, I know that

    Then I'm not sure why you stressed that Hollywood was a "commercial program" and that some Chrysalis users haven't "purchased it". To my mind, this would only make sense in a world where the Hollywood plugins are part of the Hollywood purchase and not freely downloadable, which btw would also mean that Hollywood programs weren't allowed to be distributed with any of those plugins. Furthermore, the Chrysalis Pack does contain Hollywood programs, which is why it also contains the required plugins. So why shouldn't the Chrysalis Pack contain any Hollywood plugins, again?
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