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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > I don't think you should add any plug-in's for Hollywood,
    > as it is a commercial program, and not everyone installing
    > the Chrysalis Pack will have purchased it.


    The philosophy of Hollywood has always been that purchasing it isn't required to run Hollywood programs but to create them.

    Yes, I know that, but if anyone is creating software with Hollywood that requires certain plug-ins so that it can run, I would expect the developer of such software to include the plug-ins in their download.

    Seems kind of dumb to offer any software program and then tell the person who wants to run it to go download the Hollywood player, or any of its plug-ins, before the downloader can run that software. It's different when a developer is making a port of something which requires data files that are not freely available. Then I can understand that the software will not run without additional effort to acquire those data files.

    Maybe I am missing some point as to why any Hollywood created software would NOT include everything needed to allow it to run? Just doesn't make sense to me, other than to save hd disk space, because you don't need multiple folders with the same player and plug-ins, but it has been a very long time since we really needed to worry about hd size on Amiga, or MorphOS systems with multiple gigabytes of space so easily and cheaply available.
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