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    Kwiatki75 wrote:
    Is it possible to run OSX/MOS/Linux directly from the SSD connected to Sil3132 ?

    Yes - if you have working Sil3132 with MOS (with better luck than ernsteiswuerfel).
    But you have to place booting image to separate partition, visible by OF of computer - i.e. on SATAI internal storage in case of G5 PCIe - MOS installer do it for you.
    I have similar configuration on my Peg2 - boot.img is on IDE CFcard, and whole system on PCI SiI3114 controller + SSD.

    Linux for sure works - again, grub or yaboot must reside on OF-readable partition.

    OSX probably no - you must have driver for it, and I don't know if it exists for ppc OSX. And even if you find the driver - again you have to separate kernel + drivers to OF-readable partition and rest of the system to SATA2 drive.
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