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    redrumloa wrote:

    amigadave wrote:
    In the two test sessions I have run so far, I am seeing 69 to 76 degrees C, which seems a bit hot to me.

    Sounds like you are new to G5 PowerMac? Default cooling for a G5 Dual 2.7Ghz is 88c, and it is hard to maintain that. 69c to 76c? You are doing fine.

    No, not really that new to G5, but haven't used my other 2.7GHz G5 PowerMac in a long while, because I need to rebuild the liquid cooling system, so I had forgotten what the acceptable temp range for G5 systems is. Thanks for the answer.

    @Doffo, thanks for looking for the thread, but no need to now.

    @Sailor, thanks for the advice about adding a PCIe SATA controller, I might look for one.
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