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    Thanks for the replies and suggestions.

    I'm going to add a 2nd hdd, or more probably, a SSD, to the 1tb hdd that this PowerMac came with from Doffo. I will install MacOSX on the 1tb hdd, and choose a Linux distro to install along side of MorphOS on the SSD, or 2nd hdd. That way I hope to avoid MacOSX messing up my MorphOS and Linux partitions, and I'll just use the Mac firmware early boot selector to choose which OS to boot into. I don't really want to get into some other boot loader, unless it is extremely easy to install and set up.

    For those of you who are running MorphOS on a Quad G5 PowerMac like mine, what CPU temp are you seeing, and what is an acceptable range? In the two test sessions I have run so far, I am seeing 69 to 76 degrees C, which seems a bit hot to me.
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