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    Zylesea wrote:
    Distraction hasn't won, I passed that last exam today.

    Congratulations! Distraction is still winning here, but my sweetheart is starting to ease up on creating new "Honey Do" items to add to my list of things needing my attention. Currently I have my list down to just under 50 things that need doing within the next 6 months, but what sucks is that over half of them need completing before Winter of this year. I wish I weren't so old and slow, and limited to only about 4 to 5 hours of productive physical work each day. More than that sets me back even further, because if I over extend myself physically, I end up needing to recuperate for a few days, unable to do almost everything while recuperating.

    Enjoy your youth, but try to NOT wear your body out too much, or you may end up paying the price when you are my age.
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