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    FlowStudio supports Unicode which Cubic unfortunately does not. This is quite an advanatage.

    That is an advantage that will push me to using Flow Studio, instead of Cubic IDE

    It's just the data representation of the characters of your source code?
    For you as a beginner this doesn't matter at all. Whether you write your code as US_ASCII or ISO-Latin-1. Any other editor can open it. No worries.

    I also have bought Cubic IDE some years ago. It's indeed a super package.


    Yes, I'm a beginner, so I appreciate your opinion and reply to this thread. This decision to use Flow Studio, or Cubic IDE is difficult for me, as someone who does not know all of the Pros and Cons of each editor, or IDE. Cubic IDE is no longer being developed, afaik, and Flow Studio is, which means that I assume it will get more updates in the future. I would like to learn only one of the two editors, so I can concentrate on learning better programming techniques, instead of later needing to also learn the differences between Cubic IDE, and Flow Studio. As I stated in my CAD program example, once you learn how to use one tool, you tend to want to stay with that tool, even though some other tool may become more feature rich, as long as the older tool still has enough functionality to get the job done.

    Even though I would sort of like to use Cubic IDE, because I paid quite a bit of money for it, I'm feeling that using Flow Studio from the start might be a better choice, to avoid relearning the development environment later, if switching to Flow Studio become a necessity, and not just a choice of preference.

    I greatly value all opinions on this topic of which editor, or development environment to use, and even though I am leaning toward using Flow Studio, I haven't made a firm decision yet.
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